Whats your SUP Surf level

This a general ability gauge for you based on what I have seen in the water and from my SUP school.
Level 1A – Beginner – You have paddled on flat water and excited to try SUP Surfing and may well have tried to paddle over and sup surf small waves with and don`t understand if a wave is a left or a right and what SUP Surf etiquette is. You mat alsio find that your paddle technique could be better.
What to do next? – Practise step back turns |  improve your paddle technique = Book a Paddle technique clinic and then a Beginner plus lesson.
Level 1B – Beginner plus – You are catching a few waves (20% of the time) but find you are missing the wave or your board stall, on take off you are falling off the back of your board or nose diving and last but not least dont understand what SUP Surf etiquette is?
What to do next? – Practise step back turns |  Paddling standing backwards | Book in on a beginner plus lesson.
Level 2A – Intermediate – Catching more waves (50% of the time), starting to traverse accross a wave with your back foot towards the kicker pad engaging the rail to complete a bottom turn and carry on down the line, can change direction, be able to turn off the wave and of course a proper understading of surf etiquette when your in the line up?
What to do next? – You are ready for a better and lighter board now. If you haven`t had any coaching before and your current skills are all self taught then a 1 day Intermediate lesson will correct any imperfections, install all of the correct building blocks for better top and bottom turns whilst extedning your water craft for safety.
Level 2B – Intermediate plus – Catching more waves (60% of the time), comfortable in head high waves, can complete top and bottom turns, change direction as you now understand wave direction and of course apply surf etiquette when in the line up.
What to do next – Try a different board and book in a session with JB and get video analysis and blue tooth coaching as really makes the difference at this point.
Advanced – Comfortable in head and half sets, top and botom turns and want more and better waves?
What to do next ? – Book a SUP Surfing holiday and SUP till you cant :o)