So you want to join the Sunova and Smik buzz,ride like a banshee on a truly epic board from Sunova, Smik or JP well then …. READ ON !


At the end of the day it’s a way for you to do what will be a natural thing as everyone to date has got so excited about these boards you just can’t help but tell your mates all about it as they look longingly at your SUP or maybe that’s just me LOL.


If you love SUP surfing and happy as on the beach then I want you, you dont have to be a shit hot shredder or pro – you can be of course :o) but realistically just normal people loving to SUP surf regularly who have a chat with fellow SUP ers on the beach and happy for them to have go.


I have worked extensively on a program that doesnt conflict and really works to get bucks back in your pocket with incentive schemes for more so complete an email and tell me a bit about yourself, where you ride, aspirations, inspirations and awy we go.


Come on lets make this a year of the under dog!


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