Sunova Skate

The Sunova Skate is a really fun All Surf Paddle board, it takes off so easily, is super stable without effecting its agility and of course with the XXX tec construction is super light.
The wave range is unreal, from small to overhead the Skate is totally at home so if your looking for a fun “All Surf ” board that is stable, agile and fast then the Skate is for you.
Available Sizes:
8′ 0″ x 29 x 4 @ 105L
8′ 3″ x 29 ¾ x 4 1/8 @ 115L
8′ 6″ x 30 ¾ x 4 1/4 @ 124L
8′ 10″ x 32 x 4 1/2 @ 143L – in stock x 2
9′ 2″ x 32 x 4 1/2 @ 148L
All our prices include a mainland, UK 5 day delivery with multiple board drops, solo delivery is + £60

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Found this video with an Oz riding the Skate, you can see the agility and how fast this board is as it outruns a potential close out

funone from Paul Goggin on Vimeo.