Sunova Search

The Sunova Search is the ultimate downwind Paddle board as is designed like a mega gun, by that we mean it has a full on surf shape stretched to such a length that the rocker is subtle which makes this board glide along swell whilst being super fast at the same time.

The X tec construction means that the Search is also super light and has the magic carpet feel that absorbs the lumps and bumps which in turn stops repetitive muscle strain from unnecessary vibrations in the board.

The super long and narrow tail together with the wider middle section, makes this board push faster, be super stable, ride waves and turn of the back foot.


Available Sizes / stock as of 1 Jan 2016


12′ 0″ x 30 x 4 1/2 @ 179L  x 1 in stock – 9.95 kg approx

14′ 0″ x 30 x 4 3/4 @ 218L  x 1 in stock – 10.75 kg approx


Please note that shipping boards great than 12 ft can sometimes be an issue with lorry access, so if you live in a rural area with a small road then we would have to ship it to the nearest collection depot.

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