JP – 2017 All Glass paddle

The 2017 All glass SUP paddle has a fibreglass pressure molded 90 sized blade with a stringer inside to create stiffness, the shaft has a unique fibreglass weave and horizontally roughened surface for increased grip and the ABS handle just sits well in the palm.


The JP 2017 All glass paddle has the latest and patented clasp system that properly grips and keeps the  is water tight and keeps the handle nice and straight at your selected length .


  • 2 piece adjustable: 155 – 210 cm | Weight 790 g (Blade 90 in2)
  • 3 piece adjustable: 155 – 210 cm | Weight 880 g (Blade 90 in2)

If your looking for ultimate performance then look at the 60% Carbon option as  comes with the all new 2017 blade design in both an 83 and 90 size.

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