SUP Longboards

To walk a Longboard is an art in itself, to walk a SUP Longboard is an art in itself, now with the latest SUP longboard designed to perform, hang 10 and are lightweight they really are the best SUP board to complete your quiver, either go SUP longboarding or SUP Surfing / shredding!


You can get near to the front on any board but a with a true SUP longboard shape its about elegance, its about how the board will let you carve a juicy turn, about how balanced the board is when you head straight to the nose, its about how the board performs when you perch yourself on the nose and slide the digits to the edge for some proper hangtime and twist your ankle to drop down the face, its about walking with style to accelerate or shave or some critical speed without loosing control and of course the best bit, hearing that o so magical “zipping” sound as the edge of the nose slices through the green, I am officially hooked.


For the tech heads FINS FINS FINS, o yea. Thrusters make all the difference as does the choice of size and shape all based around the classic Dolphin or Hatchet shapes but thats a whole other world that for sure I will cover not to mention that it pimps your ride. In brief though watch what your local longboarders are riding as will give you a good base line as to what works on your local wave

SUP longboard fins