SUP leashes

Wearing a leash on your SUP is essential, having a proper leash that can withstand the pressure of a wave and the added weight from a SUP is essential. There are 2 types of SUP leashes – Surf leash which has a straight cord and a Racing / Touring leash that is coiled.


The SUP surf leash cord really needs to be 9mm to withstand the pressure from wave as you get dragged along and shoud be shorter than your board length unless you are SUP Longboarding. Surf leashes are straight so as not to recoil adding extra risk to you, basically getting a board in the teeth.


A racing or touring leash is coiled mainly so that it sits on top of your board creating no drag and stops collecting weeds or debris slowinbg you down. A coiled leash should be the same length as your board for free movement on and off your board.


Cuffs and attachment points should be beefed up as should be the stitching on the webbing and the quality of the velcro, the last thing you want is your leash to snap or components breaking down.


You should inspect your leash regularly checking that the woodrough key hasnt unscrewed or that over 6 months and many mowings later your leash`s integrity is shot so we recommend you replace your leash every 6 months and carry a spare just in case.