Nick Graham

Meet Nick Graham people our latest team member, NE shredder persay and loving his new Sunova 7`11.

Nick “So I come from a windsurfing backround,I used to spend my life waiting for the wind to blow now spend it waiting for the wind to drop. Ive been SUP’ing for about 6-7 years now. I Do a lot of coaching in the North East in season. This year Im looking to defend my title as Scotttish SUP Surf champ and compete at the BSUPA Nationals too. Im based in the north east…spend most my time in the surf….but honestly its grim up here….nothing to see at all people move on…..stick to the crowds in devon and cornwall……..ha ha ha”

Why Sunova Nick?
Nick: Yeah….well they look great straight of the bat….lovely finish, some classy touches and designs…awesome reviews from around the world….The Burt Burger factor too, he’s got some serious board shaping pedigree, he’s a bit of a legend…In all seriousness I watched him reveiweing the boards with an aussie surf shop and his passion and knowledge when discussing the boards performnce and shape charateristics ,and equally important he wears his sunglasses indoors, who doesn’t want a cool shaper……… Pity about that Julius character he has working for him..ha ha


So if you see Nick or a Sunova Speed being put through its passes go and say hello, you might even bag a ride if your ready for a short board — ooo sir

“Welcome on board my man – Julius”