Julius Bull

Stand up paddle boarder is an online as well as mobile shop based from St Ives in Cornwall that is here to give you some great advice, have fun out on the water with you  lot whether you are looking for a SUP lessons with our sister company JB Adventures, coaching, guided river trip or a killer SUP surfing holiday and if you fancy buying a great board well Happy days ~ Julius



Julius has been involved in the water sports industry for nearly 17 years now from owning a Kitesurfing travel agency and shop to actively instructing Kitesurfing Kite buggying and of course everything SUP and qualified as a senior / level 2 BKSA instructor and senior / level 2 BSUPA instructor and the BSUPA SUP Surfing coach for UK.

Stand up paddle boarding has become a real passion for me that super seeds all previous water sports and others that I have been involved with for pure fun factor and of course the proper rush of smashing a good sized wave, just love it.


Julius Bull

I have been  fortunate to have ridden boards from pretty much all of the main manufacturers until a friend and local rider, Gary Thatcher, gave me the heads up on Sunova and that is were it all began – so thanks to you Gary I actually have to do some proper work now LOL.


I cant say enough about Sunova but that it is a pleasure to be an an ambassador for such a great company that produces pedigree ( Bert Berger ex Firewire) custom / production SUP boards that are just a magical thing under your feet.

Come and try one from our extensive Demo fleet as I know you will just love them.