We SUP surf as much as we can, ride as many different boards as possible and are professional BSUPA instructors so let`s say well versed in pretty much all aspects of SUP. iSUP`s and cheap hard deck boards have their place in the line-up as get people out on the water having fun.


As you progress you will start looking at other boards, a survey we did last year showed that the majority of you look for the following;

  • Price
  • Colour
  • Weight
  • How easy is it to carry?

What you should really you should be looking at is;

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Rail shape
  • Rocker line
  • Outline

And that my friends is where we step in keeping it nice and simple with layman’s explanations so that you can get a basic understanding of the board`s we suggest.The brands we have chosen – Sunova, JP and Smik give us the spectrum of design and value to make sure we can offer you the right board to suit your need.
When we speak to you we do need to know that we are barking up the right tree so we will need to do the old sales thing to ascertain some facts as ultimately we want your business but that’s just being professional.We are so much more than just a shop and aim to support your SUP journey with whatever you need whether it`s a SUP river trip, the right kit, SUP coaching from paddle technique to advanced wave and of course good times and happy days.